Zulu Warrior Boxing Gloves

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Bring out your inner warrior with this quad-core, latex-padded Morgan Zulu boxing gloves. Designed for two purposes in mind. Firstly, to be used by PTs and cardio boxing gyms that run continual boxing classes all day and require a high-wearing and cost-effective boxing glove that offers a high-degree of padding and support. Secondly, as a great middle-range boxing and sparring glove. Its unique medium-density latex padding ensures that the gloves can be used for both focus pads, heavy bags, and sparring without gloves' inner foam wearing out prematurely.

  • Made from ATF grade dual layer rexene  for high-impact durability 
  • Machine moulded and cut medium density foam 
  • Quad Core inner latex padding ensures even weight distribution   
  • 3" Velcro hook and loop wrist closure
  • Thumb attachment to reduce eye injury
  • Perfect for sparring and heavy bag training
  • Great for impact resistant training and R.S.I sufferers as the gloves have a rounded off finish to maximise hand and knuckle protection
  • RRP $68.00