Boxing Gloves Australia

Boxing is one way to get in great shape and to achieve that, you need the best boxing gloves Australia has to offer, and it just happens you can get them from Hollis Rural Trading. Feel like you’re a pro training for the big event with boxing gloves and other sporting goods from Australia’s leading wholesalers of sporting products. All our items are carefully and personally selected and organised to make shopping online more fun!


The boxing gloves we have are high-quality products and professionally designed for every punch you make when sparring, shadowboxing, or on the punching bag. They’ve been tried and tested for maximum durability and strength so you can throw hundreds, or even thousands, of punches without having the boxing gloves none the worse for wear.


We’ve got classic boxing gloves with velcro. For easier use and convenience, velcro gloves are a perfect choice. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy every punch you throw with any of the boxing gloves you choose to use. Classic boxing gloves are great for high-impact cardio workouts and light sparring. Its compact design provides excellent hand, wrist, and thumb protection. For the intermediate boxer, we’ve got the right gloves for you. Its high degree of pads and support makes it great for mid-range boxing and sparring, where the gloves inner foams won’t wear out too soon.


We also have sparring gloves made with the best quality leather and inner latex padding that’s just right for high contact sparring. You can use them round after round after round and still feel the great snug fit of our sparring gloves. We’ve got gloves for Muay Thai, too, with a shock-impact design that protects your knuckles and the base of your hand.


So whether you’re into boxing or Muay Thai, Hollis Rural Trading has got covered. We invite you to check our premium collection of boxing gloves Australia would love to get their hands on.

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