Country Clothing Accessories

Accentuate your outback outfit with country clothing accessories from Hollis Rural Trading. We carry a lot of accessories to enhance your outfit. From wallets and clutches, earrings to chokers, backpacks, belts and bags, scarves and bandanas, and more!


Mix and match our accessories to your country clothing to complete the outback look you’re aiming for. Or just buy something you fancy from our collection. Whatever it is you are looking for, we assure you that all our items are carefully and personally selected and organised for your convenience. We regularly add new stocks to keep up with the trends, and to make your online shopping more fun!


Marvel at our assortment of accessories, from earrings to chokers; belts for men, women, and children to wallets and bags, and more! We’ve got lunch boxes, duffle bags, backpacks, and more! Find the perfect giveaway for your family, friends, and colleagues. They’re all made from sturdy materials and designed to last for a long time. We’re big on leather goods so you might want to check our line of belts and wallets. Check out our wide selection of scarves, too. They’re handmade in Australia and are made to last.


The best part of it all? Our accessories are reasonably priced, making them a wonderful add-on to your outback clothing. They can be a delightful gift to your family, friends, and colleagues, too! They’ll surely appreciate the gesture as our accessories are very remarkable.


Stylish and fashionable, our collection of country clothing accessories is functional and durable, so you get to enjoy them for a long, long time. They’re also locally sourced and locally made as we love to support local businesses too. We’ve got a fine collection of accessories all in one shop that specialises in outback clothing and apparel—Hollis Rural Trading.

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