Womens Foot Wear

The latest on Womens Footwear is here at Hollis Rural Trading. We’ve got slip on mocs, driving mocs, boots, and more! Our footwear collection incorporates original styling, technology, and durability for comfort, style, and function. Designed for everyday wear, our women’s shoes reflect what’s current in footwear fashion, making the wearer fit in confidently on any occasion and situation. Our items are all carefully and personally selected and organised for your convenience.


If the shoe fits, wear it! Our wide array of women’s shoes will leave you wanting to try them all because they’re all comfortable. From the insoles and linings, your feet are pampered already. The shoes’ soles are made from durable materials that give them a great grip that gives you confidence in every step. Aesthetically, you’ll be amazed at the designs we have. They perfectly blend well with any country clothes you wear so you won’t have a difficult time which pair you should wear!


What’s a women’s footwear collection if there are no stunning boots included? Glad to say we have those in our catalogue. Women’s boots have never been this comfortable and stylish. Made from genuine leather and rubber soles, your feet and legs are protected from water, mud, and insects. Plus, you get ankle support and traction when needed, especially here in the outback.


Our boots have exquisite designs and earth colours that reflect feminine strength that perfectly matches any outback clothing you feel like wearing. So you’re still stylish as you strut your stuff around in the pair you’ve chosen to wear! Our women’s boots selection is fashionably rugged but still feminine, we’re sure you’ll want to get a pair of them ASAP.


Stylish, fashionable, and timeless, it’s the finest collection of womens footwear you will ever see, all in one shop that specialises in outback clothing and apparel—Hollis Rural Trading.

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